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Published March 8, 2024 | Version v0.7.0
Software Open

marberts/piar: piar 0.7.0


  • 1. Statistics Canada


Significant changes

  • Some arguments for elemental_index(), as_index(), aggregate(index), mean(index), vcov(index), update(aggregation_structure), and weights(aggregation_structure) now need to be named (e.g., na.rm, contrib). This helps to unify the signatures for several functions that had similar arguments in different positions. In all cases these are arguments that are not near the beginning of the function and should have probably been named anyways.

  • There are several bug fixes in this version that make non-backwards compatible changes.


  • Added examples for finding imputed index values to the vignette.

  • contrib() gets a new argument period to control which time periods get included in the contributions matrix (as documented).

  • contrib() gets a new argument pad to control how the contributions matrix is padded when products differ over time.

  • Added and anyNA() methods to find missing values in an index object.

  • index[i] <- value now works when i is a matrix.

  • mean() gets a new argument contrib to control if product contributions are aggregated over subperiods.

  • Added a split() method for index objects.

  • levels(aggregation_structure) now returns a list of levels to denote the position of each level in the hierarchy. Use unlist() to get the old behavior.

Bug fixes

  • The default for ea_only has changed to TRUE when calling weights(aggregation_structure) to fix a bug with the replacement method.

  • Replacing an index value with index[] <- value when value is also an index object now works correctly when value is recycled.

  • Setting stringsAsFactors = TRUE in now keeps the correct ordering of the factor levels.

  • mean(index) no longer returns an aggregate index when r differs from that used to make index.


  • The cols argument for as_index() is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.



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