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Language Acquisition with the help of ICT


In general, a person's attitude determines how well they acquire a language; if he desires to learn, he will attempt to do so in a variety of methods; as the adage goes, "Practice makes perfect." He attempts to imitate others before attempting to communicate in the same manner with those he is following. He practices on a regular basis. With the assistance of information and communication technology-based resources, virtual classrooms, and social networks, language education is accessible to all. New learners are significantly impacted by network access, which grants them opportunities to interact with others, exchange information, seek clarification, and increase their cognizance in the target language. Nevertheless, the exponential growth of resources and instruments for learning a foreign language or a new one presents both advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the sequence of ICT in language acquisition is of the utmost importance, as it allows for the accommodation of the unique requirements of each learner. In addition, it is critical that the use of ICT and its support be implemented in a sustainable manner across a variety of domains, culminate in clarification and reach a conclusion, while promoting the acquisition of a target language for lifelong learning. Modern web users are increasingly reliant on mobile devices, computers, and laptops; they can utilize a variety of media to communicate and convey themselves. These platforms may consist of traditional blog websites like YouTube and, as well as social networking sites like Twitter, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. While these sites still incorporate blog tools, they also promote user self-expression in accordance with their own criteria. Furthermore, the most prominent application of these spoken expressions tools in the context of a target language is in the exploration of the target language or a domain that arises within that context. 



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