Published February 19, 2024 | Version v0.10.0
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PyPSA-Eur: An open sector-coupled optimisation model of the European energy system


What's Changed

  • Implement everywhere_powerplants by @euronion in
  • [] pre-commit autoupdate by @pre-commit-ci in
  • locate project dir if pypsa-eur is a submodule by @lindnemi in
  • Bugfix: Correct Norwegian heat demand by @fneum in
  • add clipping for links by @lisazeyen in
  • Add warning when negative bev availability profile values by @tgi-climact in
  • :recycle: address pandas FutureWarning by @Tomkourou in
  • eliminate a few future warnings by @lindnemi in
  • cluster residential/services heat buses by default by @fneum in
  • Log unhandled exceptions stacktraces in log files by @euronion in
  • group storage with duplicate labels by @lindnemi in
  • :bug: fix key_error in validation plots by @Tomkourou in
  • Reformulate co2 constraint by @lisazeyen in
  • fix clustering bug due to missing countries in n.buses by @p-glaum in
  • wasserstoff kernnetz by @JulianGeis in
  • Linting refactor by @FabianHofmann in
  • COPT solver provide sensible default settings by @fneum in
  • correctly retrieve solver threads and add back memory logfile by @fneum in
  • update technology-data to 0.6.2 by default by @fneum in
  • Make data retrieval rules use their own minimal conda env by @koen-vg in
  • [] pre-commit autoupdate by @pre-commit-ci in
  • correctly read number of solver threads in rule definition by @fneum in
  • Don't include triple solar potential option by default by @koen-vg in
  • add air-sourced heat pumps to rural areas by @fneum in
  • Fix plotting: compatibility with 4th link port by @koen-vg in
  • Add support for the linopy io_api option by @koen-vg in
  • Avoid the use use of workflow.source_path by @koen-vg in
  • Make copying default config file compatible with snakemake module by @koen-vg in
  • Add several map projection options by @koen-vg in
  • document that resolution and segmentation config options are only for… by @fneum in
  • Merge recent ariadne advancements by @fneum in
  • Split rule plot_network into power, hydrogen, gas by @fneum in
  • [] pre-commit autoupdate by @pre-commit-ci in
  • Ci add inhouse master versions by @FabianHofmann in
  • Cluster network replace pyomo by @FabianHofmann in
  • Fix gas input for existing heat gas boilers by @koen-vg in
  • deleted code to include kernnetz as it is no longer needed by @JulianGeis in
  • snakefile: allow to share resources in directory by @FabianHofmann in
  • Miscellaneous perfect foresight fixes by @koen-vg in
  • prepare_sector_network: reorder buses for dac components by @FabianHofmann in
  • add sanitize_locations function and apply it by @FabianHofmann in
  • [] pre-commit autoupdate by @pre-commit-ci in
  • REVIEWED: Add technology specific renewable profiles for different planning horizons by @fneum in
  • Pandas deprecation fixes by @koen-vg in
  • Merge from ariadne2 by @fneum in
  • update version compatibility handling by @fneum in
  • Merged electricity demand sources (powerstatistics, OPSD) by @fneum in
  • remove inefficient file search by @fneum in
  • use default config as base configuration by @fneum in
  • Change default energy totals year to 2013 by @martacki in
  • create a bus for every unique coordinate, not only substations by @fneum in
  • bugfix: include all countries in ammonia production resource by @fneum in
  • bugfix: correct units of subtracted chlorine and methanol by @fneum in
  • bugfix: coal emissions for industry weren't tracked by @fneum in
  • update h2 pipe losses by @lisazeyen in
  • Industry pathway by @fneum in
  • Fix plotting of retrofitted hydrogen pipelines with pathway optimisat… by @fneum in
  • Prepare release v0.10.0 by @fneum in

New Contributors

  • @JulianGeis made their first contribution in

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