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Tool for the Calculation of Paris-compatible National Emission Paths with the Extended Smooth Pathway Model (ESPM)


Basic idea behind the ESPM:

  1. National budgets: A predefined global CO2 budget is distributed to countries. The ESPM tool offers the use of a weighted distribution key that includes the 'population' and the 'emissions' in a base year.
  2. National paths: The ESPM tool offers the Regensburg Model Scenario Types RM 1 - 6 to derive plausible national paths that adhere to a national budget.

Basic idea behind the Regensburg Model Scenario Types RM 1 - 6:

With the help of the RM Scenario Types, global or national emission paths can be determined that meet a given budget. The scenario types differ in the assumption about the property of the annual reductions. The emission paths are therefore indirectly determined essentially via the annual reductions. This approach is particularly useful when it comes to making political decisions about emission paths.

Paths for all countries in the world:

The tool contains a database so that corresponding CO2 emission paths can be calculated for all countries in the world, which cover CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels and from cement production.

Here is a preview of the tool.

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