Published February 12, 2024 | Version 0.4.0
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MazamaScience/AirMonitor: 0.4.0

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AirMonitor 0.4.0

Version 0.4 includes several new convenience functions as well as minor changes throughout the code base to support the upcoming change to the PM_NAAQS See: (PM_NAAQS update)[]

Users will see an optional NAAQS parameter in plotting functions. This parameter defaults to "PM2.5" but also accepts "PM2.5_2024" to have things colored according to the updated NAAQS thresholds.

The monitor_aqi(), monitor_dailyThreshold() and monitor_toAQCTAble() functions also accept this argument and will use updated NAAQS thresholds when specified.

Version 0.4 has updated package dependencies:

MazamaCoreUtils (>= 0.5.2),
MazamaRollUtils (>= 0.1.3),
MazamaTimeSeries (>= 0.2.16),
  • Added monitor_pull() to retrieve a column of data from either meta or data.
  • Added monitor_slice_head() and monitor_slice_tail() to subset a mts_monitor object after it has been been ordered by monitor_arrange().
  • Added monitor_setTimeAxis() which is useful when you want to place separate monitor objects on the same time axis for plotting.
  • Added aqiCategories() to return a matrix of integers or names associated with incoming PM2.5 values.
  • Added mnoitor_toAQCTable() for easy generation of a table the number of hours or days each site spent in a particular AQ category.



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