Published January 11, 2023 | Version v1
Publication Open

Energy Efficiency Assesment of Sustainable Public Transport Solutions: a Comparative Analysis Fuel Cell vs Battery in Real Life Scenarios

  • 1. ROR icon Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


Given the current paradigm in the field of sustainable mobility, an urgent need to modernize public transport systems, has become undoubtably vital. The increasing concerns regarding climate change and the tightening of emissions standards, have directed public transport operators towards the large-scale adoption of alternative propulsion vehicles. The most notable option in this area are Battery Electric Buses (BEBs), a mean of transport that has gained tremendous popularity in the past decade. However, Fuel Cell Electric Buses (FCEBs) emerged as a prospective option in this sector. The aim of this paper is to provide a thorough assessment between these alternative transport solutions, with the ultimate goal of determining the energy efficiency of both BEBs and FCEBs.