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H2020 692819 SIMPATICO - D4.1: Citizenpedia Framework Specification and Architecture


This document is the deliverable “D4.1 – Citizenpedia framework specification and architecture” of the European project “SIMPATICO - SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies” (hereinafter also referred to as “SIMPATICO”, project reference: 692819).

SIMPATICO addresses a strategic challenge towards the innovation and modernization of the public sector: the need to offer a more efficient and more effective experience to companies and citizens in their daily interaction with Public Administration (PA) by (i) offering a personalized delivery of PA online services; (ii) enabling a better comprehension of the complex processes and documents (forms, regulations, etc.) behind these services; (iii) engaging them to improve the administration processes and services. SIMPATICO's goal is to improve the experience of citizens and companies in their daily interactions with the public administration by providing a personalized delivery of e-services based on advanced cognitive system technologies and by promoting an active engagement of people for the continuous improvement of the interaction with these services.

This report includes the results of project task T4.1 “Human computation framework specification”. Such task aims to match the functionality offered by the range of technical results and components in the area of Human Computation support brought forward by the different partners of the project with the functionality expectations of the different stakeholders of the envisaged solution.

This task gives place to the specification of the Citizenpedia framework requirements, both from a functional and non-functional perspective. A top-down approach, from the user perspective (outcome from a revision of the state of the art and previous experiences of the partners) to system perspective (as provided by the partners who provide components), is followed. A methodology and template used by the partners in earlier project (Volere) is used to formally specify the Citizenpedia component requirements.

Besides, a comparative analysis of existing solutions and components was carried out in order to select, on the one hand, those features which should be added to Citizenpedia, and on the other hand, already existing tools which could be integrated or extended.

The high-level architecture derived from combining the Social Question Answering Engine, Collaborative Procedures Designer and Citizenpedia Collective Knowledge base and API brought forward by the different partners is defined. This architecture follows a service-oriented approach based on REST in order to ease its integration with the other components of the SIMPATICO solution.



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SIMPATICO – SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies 692819
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