Published November 23, 2023 | Version v1
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AApplication of a High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field to Improve the Negative Effect of Saline Water for Irrigation.

  • 1. Agricultural University of Athens, Greece



 Water is essential to all forms of life, including plants. It plays a crucial role in biological systems. In regions where water is scarce, farmers often have to use saline water in agriculture, due to a lack of good-quality water. Electromagnetic water treatment has been a controversial process for many years. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in commercial electromagnetic water treatment devices that many farmers trust in the agricultural sector. In a plastic greenhouse a few years ago, we used a low-cost device called "AQUASOFT" to create a high-frequency electromagnetic field for the nutrient solution of tomato plants growing in a closed hydroponic system. We found that exposing the nutrient solution, which contained a high amount of NaCl (total conductivity 13 dS m-1), to a high-frequency electromagnetic field just before it reached the plant roots, alleviated salinity stress. When we compared the application of the high-frequency electromagnetic field to the saline nutrient solution, we found that it greatly reduced the concentration of Na+ in the plant leaves, compared to the saline nutrient solution without the effect of the high-frequency electromagnetic field. The height of the plants was the same as those grown in a non-saline nutrient solution. Furthermore, their production was superior to that of the plants growing in a saline nutrient solution without the application of a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The effect of a high-frequency electromagnetic field on the saline nutrient solution was interpreted based on the increase of free water molecules coming from the surface of the hydrated ions and the contribution of the temporary neutralization of several ions due to collisions, originating from the high-frequency electromagnetic field.



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