Published November 21, 2023 | Version v2
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INKEY Tailored Learning Programs - Report


Introducing INKEY Tailored Learning Programs: a holistic toolkit empowering youth professionals. Assess LifeComp skills, co-create engaging learning experiences for NEETs, and boost understanding of their diverse challenges. Result? Enhanced LifeComp awareness, improved NEET empowerment actions, and heightened confidence in training practices, fueling daily work satisfaction.

This report is a labor of months - research, co-design labs, and innovation shaping the Learning Blocks tool for both youth workers and NEETs. Acknowledging differing policies across partner countries in education, training, and employability adds complexity. Tailoring LifeComp to NEETs is a nuanced task. Addressing this, we developed flexible activities, customizing learning for diverse NEET profiles, and focusing on personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills.

FEMXA's brainchild, the LifeComp Skill Assessment Tool, is pivotal. It pinpoints skill levels in NEET subcategories, categorizing them into Basic, Medium, or Advanced. These scores drive personalized learning blocks, ensuring precise skill-level alignment and an optimal learning journey. Tailor. Empower. Transform.

Notes (English)

This publication has received funding from the European Commission under the Grant Agreement number 2021-2-PT02-KA220-YOU-000050829, Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership project INKEY: INnovative tools to promote KEY Competencies for Lifelong Learning.


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