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City and Cult in Roman Macedonia: Exploring the religious landscape of Macedonian cities through archaeological insights

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In the dynamic expanse of the Roman Empire, the practice of religious beliefs and rituals played a pivotal role in adapting to the shifting tides of time. Various scholars have emphasized the integral role of religion in shaping individual roles within evolving societies. They have also highlighted how the incorporation of local communities into the broader empire led to a metamorphosis in their religious practices. This transformation extended beyond a mere amalgamation of beliefs, instead involving the adoption of a novel religious framework that enabled these communities to secure their place within a global context. This phenomenon is equally evident in Roman Macedonia, situated at the heart of the erstwhile formidable Macedonian kingdom, encompassing vast territories from the Adriatic shore to the west to the alluvial expanses of Aegean Thrace in the east. This presentation aims to provide a comprehensive survey of the religious landscape found within the cities of Macedonia. Drawing extensively from archaeological evidence, the study investigates a series of illustrative examples. It delves into the resilience displayed by old religious structures in the face of evolving eras, while also scrutinizing the emergence and construction of new architectural forms and layouts. By examining these transformations, the paper endeavors to elucidate the extent to which these architectural shifts contributed to the remolding of religious expression. By dissecting the interplay between tradition, innovation, and urban dynamics, this presentation hopes to contribute to a deeper comprehension of the religious tapestry that wove through the cities of Roman Macedonia. The paper aims to uncover the fusion of established customs with novel practices, underscoring the region's adaptability to evolving religious paradigms within the context of a globally expanding empire.



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