Published November 3, 2023 | Version v0.9.0
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pyxem/kikuchipy: kikuchipy 0.9.0

  • 1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • 2. Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy
  • 3. University of Wisconsin Madison


kikuchipy is an open-source Python library for processing, simulating and indexing of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns.

See below, the changelog or the GitHub changelog for all updates from the previous release.


  • Explicit support for Python 3.11. (#646)
  • Allow Hough indexing of all Laue groups with PyEBSDIndex v0.2 (not just m-3m, i.e. FCC and BCC). (#652)
  • Control of reflector lists in Hough indexing. One reflector list per phase in the phase list can be passed to EBSDDetector.get_indexer() to obtain an EBSDIndexer for use in EBSD.hough_indexing(). (#652)
  • Allow passing keyword arguments to EBSD.hough_indexing_optimize_pc() to control the new particle swarm optimization algorithm in PyEBSDIndex v0.2. (#652)
  • Allow getting one projection center (PC) per pattern when optimizing PCs using the new particle swarm optimization in PyEBSDIndex v0.2 (passing batch=True). (#652)


  • Parameter zone_axes_kwargs in GeometricalKikuchiPatternSimulation.as_collections() does not accept color internally to set the default color to white anymore. It accepts fc (facecolor) instead. This change was necessary to improve handling of other keyword arguments. (#643)
  • Increase minimal versions of diffsims, NumPy, Matplotlib, and PyEBSDIndex to 0.5.1, 1.21.6, 3.5, and 0.2, respectively. (#646, #652)
  • Remove dependency on Panel for documentation, and with that the interactive 3D visualization of master patterns in the documentation. The plan is to reintroduce the interactive plots with trame later on. (#652)
  • Restrict HyperSpy to below the forthcoming version 2. The plan is to remove this restriction once kikuchipy is compatible with this version. (#657)


  • generators and projections modules which were deprecated in version 0.8. (#612)
  • The deprecated PyPI selector viz is removed. (#643)
  • The data module functions silicon_ebsd_moving_screen_x(), where "x" is "in", "out5mm" or "out10mm". They were deprecated in version 0.8. (#656)


  • Conversion from EDAX TSL projection center (PC) convention for (PCy, PCz) for rectangular detectors is corrected. (#652)
  • Downloading files in the data module to the local cache on Windows. (#655)



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