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Figure 3 from: Inkhavilay K, Siriboon T, Sutcharit C, Rowson B, Panha S (2016) The first revision of the carnivorous land snail family Streptaxidae in Laos, with description of three new species (Pulmonata, Stylommatophora, Streptaxidae). ZooKeys 589: 23-53.

Inkhavilay, Khamla; Siriboon, Thanit; Sutcharit, Chirasak; Rowson, Ben; Panha, Somsak

Figure 3 - Shells of Haploptychius spp. A–C Haploptychius pellucens A lectotype NHMUK 20160249.1 with apertural dentition B paralectotype NHMUK 20160249.2, and C specimen CUMZ 6264, from Xayabouly D–F Haploptychius porrectus D lectotype NHMUK 20140750.1 E paralectotype NHMUK 20140750.2, and F specimen CUMZ 6273, from Xieng Khuang. G Haploptychius fischeri, lectotype MNHN-IM 200030873.

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