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Figure 52 from: Kriebel R (2016) A Monograph of Conostegia (Melastomataceae, Miconieae). PhytoKeys 67: 1-326.

Kriebel, Ricardo

Figure 52 - Anther anatomy in Conostegia. Each image is a transversal cut of an anther with a photograph under polarized light next to it. A–H are examples of anthers with sporangia positioned side by side. K–P are examples of anthers with sporangia superposed A–B Conostegia lasiopoda (R. Kriebel 5651) C–D Conostegia tenuifolia (D. Santamaría 8863) E–F Conostegia oerstediana (R. Kriebel 5627) G–H C superba (R. Kriebel 5582) I–J Conostegia subcrustulata (R. Kriebel 5653) K–L Conostegia fraterna (R. Kriebel 5774) M–N Conostegia friedmaniorum (R. Kriebel 5641) O–P Conostegia ombrophila (R. Kriebel 3120). Scale bar: 100 µm.

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