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Figure 27 from: Breure ASH, Ablett JD (2015) Annotated type catalogue of the Megaspiridae, Orthalicidae, and Simpulopsidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) in the Natural History Museum, London. ZooKeys 470: 17-143.

Breure, Abraham S.H.; Ablett, Jonathan D.

Figure 27 - Simpulopsis species. i–iii Simpulopsis (Simpulopsis) aenea Pfeiffer, 1861, syntype NHMUK 1975229 (H = 8.98) iv–vi Simpulopsis (Simpulopsis) miersi Pfeiffer, 1857, lectotype NHMUK 1975489 (H = 20.6).

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