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Figure 6 from: Wesener T, Le D, Loria S (2014) Integrative revision of the giant pill-millipede genus Sphaeromimus from Madagascar, with the description of seven new species (Diplopoda, Sphaerotheriida, Arthrosphaeridae). ZooKeys 414: 67-107.

Wesener, Thomas; Le, Daniel; Loria, Stephanie

Figure 6 - Sphaeromimus vatovavy sp. n., female paratype, multi-layer photographs. A head with collum and thoracic shield, frontal view B pleurites C underside of anal shield with black locking carina D tarsus of midbody leg. Abbreviations: AS = anal shield; Co = collum (tergite 1); Gr = lateral grooves of thoracic shield; h = head; pl = pleurite; T = tergite; Ta = tarsus; th-sh = thoracic shield (tergite 2); Tib = tibia.

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