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Figure 7 from: Panha S, Nantarat N, Sutcharit C, Tongkerd P, Ablett J, Naggs F (2014) An annotated catalogue of type specimens of the land snail genus Cyclophorus Monfort, 1810 (Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoridae) in the Natural History Museum, London. ZooKeys 411: 1-56.

Nantarat, Nattawadee; Sutcharit, Chirasak; Tongkerd, Piyoros; Ablett, Jonathan; Naggs, Fred; Panha, Somsak

Figure 7 - Types of Cyclophorus species. A, B Cyclophorus exaltatus (Pfeiffer, 1855) A lectotype NHMUK 1980041/1, and B paralectotype NHMUK 1980041/2-3 C, D Cyclophorus excellens (Pfeiffer, 1855) C lectotype NHMUK 20130084/1, and D paralectotype NHMUK 20130084/2 E, F Cyclophorus expansus (Pfeiffer, 1853) E lectotype NHMUK 20130086/1, and F paralectotype NHMUK 20130086/2-3.

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