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flav-io/flavio v0.23

David Straub; Peter Stangl; ChristophNiehoff; Ece Gurler; wzeren; Jacky Kumar; sreicher; Frederik Beaujean

What's new in this release:

Parallel likelihood profiling

This release features major improvements to the likelihood profiler introduced in v0.22. Most notably, it can now make use of parallel processing, by simply passing the argument threads=N to the run method (see the API docs for details).

Other improvements
  • The B->D and B->π form factors have been updated to use the FLAG 2017 lattice average by default
  • The best_fit method to determine the best-fit point of a FastFit is now more robust (i.e., faster and less likely to fail)
Breaking changes
  • The BCL parametrization of B->P form factors has been changed such that the kinematic relation f<sub>+</sub>(0)=f<sub>0</sub>(0) is automatically fulfilled, by fixing the highest z-expansion parameter of f<sub>0</sub>
Bug fixes
  • The Isgur-Wise relation for the B->P tensor form factor has been corrected
  • Avoid Interpolation artifacts in contour plots (#37), thanks to Peter Stangl (@peterstangl)
  • Fix to effective Wilson coefficient C<sub>8</sub> (#38), thanks to @haolinli1991

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