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Checklist of the ants of Mt. Hamiguitan, Mindanao Island, Philippines (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

David Emmanuel M. General; Perry Archival C. Buenavente

The ant diversity of Mt. Hamiguitan, Mindanao Island, Philippines was surveyed using a variety of collection techniques in several sites.  A total of 122 species belonging to 51 genera in 8 subfamilies was recorded.  Fourteen species are newly recorded from the Philippines: Acropyga near rubescens, Meranoplus malaysianus, Paratopula ankistra, Pheidole cf. planidorsum, Ph. deltea, Ph. near tjibodana, Ph. retivertex, Strumigenys dryas, S. euryale, S. near hispida, S. n.sp. HAM01, S. treptodens, Tetramorium adpressum and T. cf. vertigum.

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