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Replication Kits for the papers "Automated Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applications" and "VR Interaction Modalities for the Evaluation of Technical Device Prototypes" submitted to the CHI 2018

Harms, Patrick; Holderied, Hanna

This replication kit contains all necessary data to reproduce the setup and results of both papers 'Automated Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applications' and 'VR Interaction Modalities for the Evaluation of Technical Device Prototypes' as submitted to the CHI 2018. It includes the Unity Projects that show a coffee machine and a copier scene (sometimes refered to as printer scene, as well, as it is an integrated device) that can be interacted with with the help of the four interaction modes called 'Gaze mode', 'Laser mode', 'Controller mode' and 'Leap mode' (also called Hand mode), which are also part of the project files.

The replication kit contains several subfolders each with a dedicated purpose. Each folder itself contains a readme to describe its contents and how the  contents can be used to replicate our results. Most importantly, the folders contain:

  • VRScenes: our VR scenes used in the case studies with the implementations of the four different interaction modes and the monitoring of usage events
  • VRSceneMonitoring: the VR scene monitoring server which was used for storing the events
  • Observations: the observations based on notes that we took during the case study or that we made during watching the videos
  • Recordings: the recordings we did in the case study containing the log files, screen casts, and filled in questionaires
  • UsabilitySmellDetection: the AutoQUEST software and the recorded data used for the usability smell detection
  • StatisticalAnalyses: the statistics data and the corresponding R commands for the processing as done for the statistical evaluation of our data

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