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A communal catalogue reveals Earth's multiscale microbial diversity

Thompson, Luke R.; Sanders, Jon G.; McDonald, Daniel; Amir, Amnon; Navas, Jose; Kopylova, Evguenia; Ackermann, Gail

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  note         = {{This work was supported by the John Templeton 
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                   of the Vertebrate Microbiome), the W. M. Keck
                   Foundation (DT061413), Argonne National Laboratory
                   (US Dept. of Energy contract DE-AC02-06CH11357),
                   the Australian Research Council, and the Extreme
                   Science and Engineering Discovery Environment
                   (XSEDE, project number BIO150043), which is
                   supported by National Science Foundation grant
                   number ACI-1053575. We thank MO BIO Laboratories,
                   Luca Technologies, Eppendorf, Boreal Genomics,
                   Illumina, and Roche for in-kind support at various
                   phases of the project.}},
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