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கரிப்பு மணிகள்

ராஜம் கிருஷ்ணன்

இந்த நாவல் பற்றி.....

Graphic stories portraying the tribulations of industrial workers are few and those that concern the dumb agricultural labourers are fewer still. Strangely no one seems to even aware of the existence of a large disorganized chunk of working class toiling in sub-human conditions in the salt-pan belt of the South East Coastal regions of Tamilnadu, perpetually exploited by a hoard of heartless capitalists, contractors adn middlemen exposed to total starvation, intense heat, and lurking violence all their lives. The author has put out her message absolutely clearly and one who reads this novel will grant that we are not a civilised people if these conditions still persists.

The Hindu, 26.6.1979 S.R. Govindarajan

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