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HITRAN Application Programming Interface (HAPI) - V.

Kochanov Roman; Iouli Gordon; Laurence Rothman; Christian Hill; Jonas Wilzewski; Piotr Wcislo

<p><strong>HAPI </strong>is a tool providing a possibility to work with spectroscopic data in HITRAN format. It gives fast and easy access to <strong>HITRAN</strong><em>online</em> data.</p>

<p>In addition, <strong>HAPI </strong>provides flexible functions to calculate absorption cross-sections from line-by-line spectral data.</p>

<p><strong>HAPI </strong>means <strong>H</strong>ITRAN <strong>A</strong>pplication <strong>P</strong>rogramming <strong>I</strong>nterface.</p>

<p>Current version of <strong>HAPI </strong>is a library written in Python and requires Numpy to be installed.</p>



<li>Minor bugfixes for wavenumber grid and output format</li>

<li>New complex probability function added (F. Schreier. JQSRT 112:1010-1025, 2011)</li>

<li>Optimized data selection speed</li>

<li>Added support for advanced mixture definition ("Diluent")</li>

<li>Added support for user-defined T- and p-dependences</li>

<li>Added automatic profile selection ("absorptionCoefficient")</li>

<li>Added metadata for HTP, fixed normalization in convolveSpectrumSame</li>


<p><em>Copyright: the HITRAN team (</em></p>

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