Dataset Open Access

Files for Australian Language Locations

Bowern, Claire

Lo, Justin

These files give locations of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, as far as can be determined, as of European settlement. Subgroup polygons for Pama-Nyungan, language polygons, and centroid coordinates. 

Funded by NSF grants BCS-0844551 and BCS-1423711.

Boundaries are approximate and the maps are not suitable for use as evidence in Native Title claims.

This work is part of the Chirila project (

subject to change. Note that the three files were created somewhat independently, and so there may be small inconsistencies between files.
Files (247.1 kB)
Name Size
Centroids2.2.kmz md5:9a0efa8fbd8eda94e5a0422d7eb10db0 67.4 kB Download
PolygonCoordintes2.2.kmz md5:b9ce51136588b96ae65e01232f4f2ee4 159.2 kB Download
SubgroupPolygons1.1.kmz md5:56c50a55b8c5ded42dcd81762f1c8b43 20.5 kB Download


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