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Mansfield (Victoria, Australia) area original GeoModeller model and relevant MCUE outputs

Pakyuz-Charrier Evren; Intrepid Geophysics

Companion dataset to the paper:

Monte Carlo Simulations for Uncertainty Estimation in 3D Geological Modeling, A Guide for Disturbance Distribution Selection and Parameterization, Evren Pakyuz-Charrier, Mark Lindsay, Vitaliy Ogarko, Jeremie Giraud, Mark Jessell

This dataset contains three archives pertaining to Monte Carlo Uncertainty Estimation (MCUE) in implicit 3D geological models:

  1. Mansfield_Base.7z is a GeoModeller three dimensional model of the Mansfield syncline area (Victoria, Australia). This model is natively available in every GeoModeller install under the name of "Tutorial case study H".
  2. MCUE_Mansfield_nopoletransform.7z is the MCUE output for non pole transfomed foliations.
  3. MCUE_Mansfield_poletransform.7z is the MCUE output for non transfomed foliations.

In the output archive files:

  • xml files are the GeoModeller project saves, these can be opened with Intrepid's free viewer for GeoModeller 3.3 3.4 (available @:
  • .vo, .isi and .vop1 files are the lithological voxet exports in binary GOCAD format, these can be opened with the aforementionned viewer or Geocando (available @:
  • .vtk files are the MCUE uncertainty indexes outputs, these can be opened with Paraview (available @:
  • .csv file is the MCUE probabilistic model output, it can be opened with any text editor /spreadsheet


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