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Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management Open Data Publishing Policy Outputs and Recommendations Report

Murphy, Fiona

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.848214", 
    "description": "<p>Publishers are key stakeholders who would potentially deliver and support compliance with open data principles. On 23 June 2017, the e-I&amp;DM Data Planning Action Theme coordinated a workshop (hosted by the Institute of Physics)\u00a0to explore the role for and contributions by publishers in the realm of open research data.\u00a0\u00a0Objectives for the workshop were developed through consultation among Belmont Forum personnel, publishing professionals, and other key stakeholders over the months leading up to the event. They included carving out opportunities to:</p>\n\n<ul>\n\t<li>Test the Belmont Forum Open Data Policy and Principles with publishers.\u00a0</li>\n\t<li>Establish potential lines of future communication to ensure that journal data policy/ies are compatible with funder policy/ies in intention, language and underlying rationale.\u00a0</li>\n\t<li>Enable journals to develop and implement clear, rigorous data policies.</li>\n\t<li>Explore other potential opportunities to work together to strengthen the scholarly communication ecosystem more widely.\u00a0</li>\n\t<li>Establish communication channels and explore potential collaboration opportunities with publishers.</li>\n\t<li>Provide publishers with a clear indication regarding \u2018what funders really want\u2019 in order to encourage commitment to and investment in appropriate services.</li>\n\t<li>Accelerate the practice and status of sharing and re-using research data in the course of regular scholarship.</li>\n</ul>\n\n<p>Attendees represented major\u00a0scholarly publishers, as well as Crossref, OASPA, Digital Science, CODATA, Digital Science, Wellcome Trust, World Data System, University of Cambridge and CERN.</p>", 
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      "id": "CC-BY-4.0"
    "title": "Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management Open Data Publishing Policy Outputs and Recommendations Report", 
    "notes": "A full list of contributors: Kathryn Sharples Wiley, Emma Ganley PLOS, Jamie Hutchins IoP Publishing, Maria Uhle National Science Foundation, Paul Hardaker IOP,  Fiona Murphy MMC Ltd, Phill Jones Digital Science, Robert Gurney Belmont Forum, Bob Samors Belmont Forum, Katie Kinsley Belmont Forum, Carrie Seltzer National Science Foundation, Mustapha Mokrane WDS, Barron Orr Belmont Forum, Hans Pfeiffenberger Copernicus, Wouter Haak Elsevier, Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen CERN, Artemis Lavasa CERN, Geoffrey Bilder Crossref, Melissa Harrison elife, Holly Murray F1000, Cameron Neylon, Meredith Morovati Dryad, Thomas Faust Hindawi, Marc Gillett IOP Publishing, ian mulvany SAGE Publications, Christopher Wileman IOP Publishing, \nClaire Redhead OASPA, Iain Hrynaszkiewicz Springer Nature, Lauren Cadwallader University of Cambridge, David Carr Wellcome Trust, Kevin Ashley Digital Curation Centre, Phil Hurst The Royal Society, Mark Thorley NERC", 
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        "name": "Murphy, Fiona"
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