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luispedro/jug: Release 1.6.0

Luis Pedro Coelho; Renato Alves; Elliott Sales de Andrade; Alexander Ford; Alcides Viamontes E; Hamilton Turner; cgcgcg; Austin Bingham; Ulrich Dobramysl; The Gitter Badger; Dominique Geffroy; Christian Jauvin; bon; Andreas Sorge

Release 1.6.0

Adds the jug graph subcommand to generate a little graph with tasks and their state.

  • Add jug graph subcommand
  • Generates a graph of tasks
  • jug execute --keep-going now ends with non-zero exit code in case of failures
  • Fix bug with cleanup in dict_store not providing the number of removed records
  • Add jug cleanup --keep-locks to remove obsolete results without affecting locks

Almost all of the credit for changes since 1.5.0 goes to Renato Alves (@unode on github).

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