Dataset Open Access

Data to reproduce "CIM-CitySim coupling" on the EPFL campus

Mauree, Dasaraden; Coccolo, Silvia; Kaempf, Jérôme; Scartezzini, Jean-Louis

The data to reproduce results from the paper " Multi-scale modelling to evaluate building energy consumption at the neighbourhood scale " with DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0183437 can be found in this repository.

We provide the useful data to rerun the CitySim simulation and provide results also from the experiments conducted as well as data collected on the EPFL campus.

  1. Climate file for Ecublens issued from Meteonorm (Ecublens.cli)
  2. Climate file for Ecublens used as input for CIM (remove the header from the Ecublens.cli file)
  3. Ground surface temperature for the EPFL campus (epfl_surf_temp.dat)
  4. Geometrical characteristics for EPFL campus (epfl_geo_char.dat)
  5. Executable file for CIM (canopy.dbx)
  6. Climate file for Ecublens issued from CIM (Ecublens_cim.cli)
  7. Measured data at 2m above ground and from the LESO-rooftop for year 2015 (u_2m.txt, u_12m.txt, temp_2m.txt, temp_12m.txt, winddir_12m.txt).
  8. Simulated data from CIM for the year 2015 at 2m and 12m (u_2m-cim.txt, u_12m-cim.txt, temp_2m-cim.txt, temp_12m-cim.txt, winddir_12m-cim.txt).

If you require anything else please contact the corresponding author.

Please note that the CitySim files are currently missing but will be uploaded as soon as possible. In case of need please contact the corresponding author.
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canopy.dbx md5:afa3a0df8857e3ed6a0fa86b2abd103c 72.8 kB Download
Ecublens.cli md5:49b2aa443c723bff679efb8ec9de693a 334.5 kB Download
Ecublens_cim.cli md5:23e40dec9466d4ba3daf9e590d6369a5 292.8 kB Download
epfl_geo_char.dat md5:b682382f8f382825dbea0d4fa18c3a51 64 Bytes Download
epfl_surf_temp.dat md5:9d2d786ba1be3ad5a2da84cebae777e8 49.6 kB Download
temp-12m-cim.txt md5:3038565933ed2d41f483d31530af9a47 223.5 kB Download
temp-12m.txt md5:f25c722ceeb0da416ca8dcfde47e95a6 246.8 kB Download
temp-2m-cim.txt md5:917f6949671e2d24b5de17353bdace75 241.1 kB Download
temp-2m.txt md5:1a0bf1b04bf9714df0b17fb9d34d34db 783.1 kB Download
u-12m-cim.txt md5:b2a727039203faa2a287cc7424bfbb79 218.1 kB Download
u-12m.txt md5:b9f992af7fdbc6cb957c4176b61c89dd 251.5 kB Download
u-2m-cim.txt md5:4ba7a8307adc3fabc552c8ee219c9ffc 218.0 kB Download
u-2m.txt md5:f5eba73f2096e637133f6d07d6275068 794.0 kB Download
winddir_12m-cim.txt md5:9db68ffe8004c5efa252b0791db7c734 89.1 kB Download
winddir_12m.txt md5:1e34ebd48b4cb104979f5b316e2c5b71 112.8 kB Download


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