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Evaluation of different buffer materials for solar cells with wide-gap Cu2ZnGeSxSe4-x absorbers

Schnabel, Thomas; Seboui, Mahmoud; Bauer, Andreas; Choubrac, Leo; Arzel, Ludovic; Harel, Sylvie; Barreau, Nicolas; Alswede, Erik

In this work kesterite-type Cu2ZnGeSxSe4-x (CZGSSe) absorbers were coated with four different buffer layer materials: CdS, In2S3, Zn(O,S) and CdIn2S4. A detailed electrical characterization of the resulting solar cells was performed. The highest open-circuit voltage and the best band alignment could be reached with Zn(O,S), whereas the CdS buffer gave the best efficiencies of up to 6%, which is the highest reported efficiency for a CZGSSe absorber.


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