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sherpa/sherpa: Sherpa 4.9.1

Doug Burke; Omar Laurino; dtnguyen2; Jamie Budynkiewicz; Tom Aldcroft; Aneta Siemiginowska; wmclaugh; Christoph Deil; Brigitta Sipocz

Sherpa 4.9.1

This version introduces full support for Python 3.6. It also fixes issues with non-Chandra response files, correctly handles the AREASCAL column in PHA files, and fixes a significant regression that was preventing user statistics from working in v4.8.2. It also introduces a number of smaller improvements and fixes. In particular, quite a few improvements have been made to the documentation and to the testing framework, including several new tests to improve stability.


Infrastructure and minor non-functional changes have been omitted.

335 Fix install command

The install command was not enforcing the installation of the dependencies listed in This has been fixed.

368 Remove ds9 warnings when run under Python 3.6

Update the DS9 code so that external processes are cleaned up properly, so to remove the potential ResourceWarning warnings when running DS9 on Python 3.6.

351 fix handling of AREASCAL column in PHA files (fix #350)

Add support for handling the AREASCAL value (either scalar of vector) for PHA data sets. This array is used in XMM RGS data to handle missing chips.

358 Properly handle Swift RMF when using Astropy backend (fix #357)

A Swift RMF could not be read in when the AstroPy back end was in use. The problem was that the code did not support RMF matrices that were not stored as variable-length arrays. This has now been fixed, and new tests have been added for this kind of files.

343 Fix user statistics regression (fix #341)

A number of regressions were introduced in version 4.8.1 up to version 4.9.0, so user statistics that were properly working in version 4.7 have not been working any more. This has been fixed, and a number of regression tests have been added.

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