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larsrh/libisabelle: libisabelle 0.9.0

Lars Hupel; Frank S. Thomas; Alexandre Archambault

Major changes

  • better support for development copies of Isabelle (6deeb43, f968f73, 3fe1a8f)
  • creating an Environment allows setting options (6809b01, 42d353c)
  • dependency updates (ba26cf5, 0874d52, bc33287, bc33287)
    • dropped support for Scala 2.10 (c35e9e5)
      • enabled support for Scala tools (95b4ee3, ca6964b)
  • offline mode that doesn't download anything (b6ed8fd)
Minor changes
  • CLI exec command does not ignore non-zero exit code (8d0ed52)
  • local storage path of Platforms can be overriden (0ced7bb)

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