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Chandra-MARX/marxs: v1.1

Günther, Hans Moritz; Frost, Jason; Theriault-Shay, Adam

MARXS (Multi-Architecture-Raytrace-Xraymission-Simulator) is a toolsuite to simulate X-ray observatories. It is primarily aimed at astronomical X-ray satellites and sounding rocket payloads, but can be used to ray-trace experiments in the laboratory as well. MARXS performs polarization Monte-Carlo ray-trace simulations from a source (astronomical or lab) through a collection of optical elements such as mirrors, baffles, and gratings to a detector.

MARXS modular structure is designed to serve two main use cases:

  • Build-your-own instrument: Instrument designers can construct any X-ray experiement from a set of building blocks such as mirrors, diffraction gratings and CCD detectors.
  • Simulate science observations: Given an instrument configuration, simulate the detector output for any set of X-ray sources in the lab or on the sky.

MARXS is written in Python.

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