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Colour 0.4.3

Mansencal, Thomas; Mauderer, Michael; Parsons, Michael; Shaw, Nick; Wheatley, Kevin; Cooper, Sean; Vandenberg, Jean D.; Canavan, Luke; Crowson, Katherine; Lev, Ofek; Leinweber, Katrin; Sharma, Shriramana; Sobotka, Troy James; Moritz, Dominik; Pppp, Matt; Rane, Chinmay; Eswaramoorthy, Pavithra; Mertic, John; Pearlstine, Ben; Leonhardt, Manuel; Niemitalo, Olli; Szymanski, Marek; Schambach, Maximilian; Huang, Sianyi; Wei, Mike; Joywardhan, Nishant; Wagih, Omar; Redman, Pawel; Goldstone, Joseph; Hill, Stephen; Smith, Jedediah; Savoir, Frederic; Saxena, Geetansh; Chopra, Saransh; Sibiryakov, Ilia; Gates, Tim; Pal, Gajendra; Tessore, Nicolas; Pierre, Aurélien; Thomas, François-Xavier; Srinivasan, Sabarish; Downs, Tucker; Rusching, Kiliansas; Chen, Xiaohan; Herb, Benjamin

Colour Science for Python

Colour is an open-source Python package providing a comprehensive number of algorithms and datasets for colour science.
It is freely available under the New BSD License terms.

Colour is an affiliated project of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States.

Draft Release Notes

The draft release notes of the develop branch are available at this url.


We are grateful 💖 for the support of our sponsors. If you'd like to join them, please consider becoming a sponsor on OpenCollective.


Colour features a rich dataset and collection of objects, please see the features in the documentation for more information.

User Guide


Colour and its primary dependencies can be easily installed from the Python Package Index by issuing this command in a shell:

$ pip install --user colour-science

The detailed installation procedure for the secondary dependencies is described in the Installation Guide.

Colour is also available for Anaconda from Continuum Analytics via conda-forge:

$ conda install -c conda-forge colour-science


The static tutorial provides an introduction to Colour. An interactive version is available via Google Colab.


The Google Colab How-To guide for Colour shows various techniques to solve specific problems and highlights some interesting use cases.


If you would like to contribute to Colour, please refer to the following Contributing guide.


The changes are viewable on the Releases page.


The bibliography is available on the Bibliography page.

It is also viewable directly from the repository in BibTeX format.

API Reference

The main technical reference for Colour is the API Reference.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, adapted from the Contributor Covenant 1.4, is available on the Code of Conduct page.


Colour by Colour Developers
Copyright 2013 Colour Developers –
This software is released under terms of New BSD License:


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