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PecanProject/bety: BETYdb 4.17

Scott Rohde; Carl Crott; David LeBauer; mulroony; Jeremy Kemball; Rob Kooper; Jimmy Chen; andrewshirk; Zhengqi Yang; Max Burnette; MarvinJ; phenolphtalein; Uday Saraf; The Gitter Badger; Michael Dietze; Chris Black

Important bug fixes to Bulk Upload Wizard Summary of Changes Bug Fixes

  • Issue #495 ("Yields with no assigned creator (user_id) are not updatable.")

    Yields that have no assigned creator are now updatable. Moreover, the updater is, in this case, provided the option of being assigned as creator.

  • Issue #459 ("Change bulk upload (via wizard or API) to allow for traits not in the trait_covariate_associations table")

    The implementation of this feature was flawed—in fact it would report that uploads were successful when in fact they were not. This has been fixed.

  • Issue #520 ("Bulk Upload Wizard shouldn't create unnamed entities if there is only one trait per row of the CSV file")

    It is useless to attach a nameless entity to a single trait. This provides no useful information and only clutters up the database. Therefore, the Bulk Upload Wizard will no longer automatically create such entities. ## Steps Needed for Upgrade

Database Changes

There are no new database migrations in this release.

The database version for this release is 20170415183619.

Gem Installation

No new Gems need be installed.

Status of RSpec Tests

All non-pending tests pass when run in the default environment. (Test spec/features/treatment_integration_spec.rb:74 passes intermittently.) There is one pending test having to do with site-group editing permissions.

The tests can be run using the command

bundle exec rspec

Complete details for running the RSpec tests are at

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