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IVMOOC 2017 - Gap Analysis of GloBI Visualizations

Cains, Mariana; Altimir, Nuria; Anand, Srini; Liao, William; Shiverick, Sean

Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI, provides an infrastructure and data service that aggregates or combines existing biotic interaction datasets to provide easy access to biotic interaction data. This project, a component of the Information Visualization course at Indiana University, explores the coverage of GloBI data against known taxonomic catalogs. It also explores the geographic distribution of observations and examines the interaction of the Chordata phylum with other organisms.

Visualization 1 is a poster representation of the project's findings. Visualizations 2 through 5 are zoomable, high resolution files of the individual visualizations in the poster.

The companion paper can be found here:

An interactive Tableau map can be found here:!/publish-confirm

Project-specific data can be found here: (SQL server database), (Tableau map data)

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