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The FMOS-COSMOS Survey: Properties of dark matter halos of main-sequence star-forming galaxies at z~1.6

Kashino, Daichi

We investigate the properties of dark matter halos that contain "main-sequence" star-forming galaxies at 1.43<z<1.74 using the FMOS-COSMOS survey. The projected correlation function is measured for 516 galaxies down to stellar mass of 109.57 M⦿ and SFR~15 M⦿ yr-1, for which the Hα emission line is detected. We find that these galaxies live in halos of Mh=5×1012 M⦿ on average, which will likely become present-day halos equivalent to the typical mass scale of galaxy groups. We then constrain the stellar-to-halo mass ratio at Mh<1012 M⦿, finding a systematically lower mass ratio than those measured at higher masses. 

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