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TGuillerme/mulTree: v1.2.7

Thomas Guillerme; Kevin Healy

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    "access_right_category": "success", 
    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.806785", 
    "description": "<ul>\n<li>2017/06/12 - <strong>v1.2.7</strong><ul>\n<li>Minor fix to <code></code> to properly deal with data frames.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2017/05/15 - v1.2.6<ul>\n<li>Removed <code>caper</code> dependencies.</li>\n<li>Minor fixes to code internal documentation.</li>\n<li><code>coda::gelman.diag</code> in <code>mulTree</code> now only outputs a warning rather than a stop message</li>\n<li>Allows R-structure's standrad multi-response model in <code>as.mulTree</code> (e.g. <code>rand.terms  = ~taxa + specimen + us(trait):observation</code>).</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2017/01/09 - v1.2.5<ul>\n<li>Added minor sanitising function to <code>mulTree</code> the formula now has to match the data set column names.</li>\n<li>Fixed a bug with the <code>parallel</code> option in <code>mulTree</code>: only one cluster is now generated at the start of the function rather than one at each iteration.</li>\n<li>Fixed a minor bug with <code>as.mulTree</code>: the random terms formula's environment is not anymore exported by the function when set up by default.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2016/08/10 - v1.2.4<ul>\n<li>Fixed a bug in the convergence test where the convergence was not ran on the VCV matrix.</li>\n<li>Models memory management is now safer and is done only out of R environment leading to minor speed improvements in <code>mulTree</code> function.</li>\n<li>Some errors are now more verbose in <code>mulTree</code> and <code>summary.mulTree</code>.</li>\n<li>Fixed bug with <code>plot.mulTree</code> that didn't allow to plot more than 5 parameters.</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2016/07/06 - v1.2.3<ul>\n<li>External functions are now properly imported via the <code>NAMESPACE</code>.</li>\n<li>New phylogenetic analysis markdown vignette!</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2016/02/19 - v1.2.2<ul>\n<li>major bug fix in <code>mulTree</code> where models saved out of <code>R</code> environment where accumulating data from former models (now fixed: each model saved out of the <code>R</code> environment contains only data for the target model).</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n<li>2016/01/25 - v1.2.1<ul>\n<li>minor bug fix in <code>summary.mulTree</code> that can now deal with multiple hdr for each probabilities.</li>\n<li>minor bug fix in <code>plot.mulTree</code> with the number of terms used</li>\n</ul>\n</li>\n</ul>", 
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      "id": "other-open"
    "title": "TGuillerme/mulTree: v1.2.7", 
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    "version": "v1.2.7", 
    "publication_date": "2017-06-12", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "Imperial College London", 
        "name": "Thomas Guillerme"
        "name": "Kevin Healy"
    "access_right": "open", 
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      "type": "software", 
      "title": "Software"
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