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Coupling of hydroPSO and PHREEQC

Abdelaziz, Ramadan

The folder contains input and output files for coupling hydroPSO and PHREEQC. 

The input files for  running PHREQC and hydroPSO are 'ParamFiles.txt',  'ParamRanges.txt', and (iii) ‘PSO_OBS.txt’.

The out files in folder called PSO.out are 'png folder', 'Velocities', 'Particles', 'model_out', and others.


Files (1.7 MB)
Name Size
Phreeqc+hydroPSO v2.7z md5:ddc243c5084199980abbd0aacbb7cd98 1.1 MB Download
Phreeqc+hydroPSO.7z md5:9b9ee111d22f9ef7d9d547d2a6428077 583.2 kB Download


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