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shikokuchuo/nanonext: CRAN release 0.9.0

Charlie Gao

nanonext 0.9.0

The package is now compatible (again) with currently released 'libnng' versions. It will attempt to use system 'libnng' versions >= 1.5 where detected, and only compile the bundled library where necessary.

New Features

  • Implements tls_config() to create re-usable TLS configurations from certificate / key files (or provided directly as text).


  • 'pem' argument of ncurl(), ncurl_session() and stream() retired in favour of 'tls' which takes a TLS Configuration object created by tls_config() rather than a PEM certificate directly.
  • Removes nanonext_version() in favour of the existing nng_version(), along with utils::packageVersion() if required, for greater flexibility.
  • Removes ... argument for context() - retained for compatibility with the 'verify' argument, which was removed in the previous release.
  • Package widens compatibility to support system 'libnng' versions >= 1.5.0.
  • Bundled 'libnng' source rolled back to v1.6.0 pre-release (8e1836f) for stability.
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