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StingraySoftware/stingray: Version 1.1.2

Matteo Bachetti; Daniela Huppenkothen; Usman Khan; Himanshu Mishra; Abbie Stevens; Swapnil Sharma; John Swinbank; Amogh Desai; Haroon Rashid; Evandro Martinez Ribeiro; Mihir Tripathi; Brigitta Sipőcz; Dhruv Vats; tappina; Guglielmo Mastroserio; omargamal8; Meg Davis; Achilles Rasquinha; Paul Balm; Stuart Mumford; Devansh Shukla; Riccardo Campana; parkma99; Nitish Garg; Akash Tandon; Anurag Hota; Arnav Anand; Nick; Rashmi Raj; Sashank Mishra

New Features
  • Phase Dispersion Minimization as a method to search for periodic signals in data is now implemented in the stingray.pulse submodule. To use it, you can use the phase_dispersion_search function in The accompanying statistical tests are located in the stingray.stats module, under phase_dispersion_probability, phase_dispersion_logprobability and phase_dispersion_detection_level. (#716)
  • Add is_sorted function, to test if an array is sorted. (#723)
  • Check if invalid data are inside GTIs, and warn or raise exception accordingly (#730)
Bug Fixes
  • The method apply_gtis of the class Lightcurve is applied to all the attributes of the class Lightcurve. This works for both inplace=True and inplace=False (#712)
  • Avoid allocation of an unneeded square matrix to improve memory management in _als (fix Issue 724) (#725)
  • Fix Issue #726 -- Loading events without fmt keyword crashes (#727)
  • Reordered information about contributions with new black and towncrier procedures (#721)
Internal Changes
  • Using towncrier to generate the changelogs. (#697)
  • Added stingray\'s logo in the documentation\'s favicon and top bar. (#707)
  • Improved contributing workflow by appending black codestyle configuration to pyproject.toml and ignoring PEP-8 non-compliant E203, W503 in flake8. (#715)
  • Added a scrollbar to sidebarwrapper (#718)
  • Simplify numba mocking code, and possibly improve code coverage estimate (#731)
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