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Matthew Thompson; Ben Auer; Tom Clune; Weiyuan Jiang; Atanas Trayanov; Darian Boggs; Amidu Oloso; Gian Villamil-Otero; Raffaele Montuoro; William Jamieson; Peter Norris; Lizzie Lundgren; JulesKouatchou; Elliot Sherman; Liam Bindle; Arlindo M. da Silva; Natalie Patten; Sebastian David Eastham; Christoph Keller; patricia-nasa; Bill Putman; Yury Vikhliaev; adarmenov; Bin Zhao

This is a patch release of MAPL that introduces a new feature needed by some MAPL users. It adds a new runtime option:


to force component alarms ring at start of the interval. The default the current behavior still to ring at the end.

The libraries this version of MAPL is currently tested with are below. (No change since last release of MAPL)

  • Baselibs 7.8.1
    • netcdf-c 4.9.0 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • netcdf-fortran 4.6.0 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • ESMF 8.4.1 (ESMF 8.4.0 required, but 8.4.1 recommended as it has a bug fix)
    • GFE 1.8.0
      • gFTL 1.8.1
      • gFTL-shared 1.5.0
      • pFUnit 4.6.1 (optional)
      • fArgParse 1.4.1 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FARGPARSE=YES, default=YES)
      • pFlogger 1.9.1 (if -DBUILD_WITH_PFLOGGER=YES, default=YES)
      • yaFyaml 1.0.4 (if -DUSE_EXTDATA2G=YES, default=YES)
      • FLAP geos/v1.10.0 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FLAP=YES, default=YES)

Also, if you build with -DUSE_F2PY=ON, you will need:

  • ESMA_cmake v3.28.0

We recommend most external users set -DUSE_F2PY=OFF

From Added
  • Added new option "RUN_AT_INTERVAL_START:" so force component alarms ring at start of the interval, default still to ring at the end
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