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gwpy/gwpy: GWpy 3.0.3

Duncan Macleod; Scott Coughlin; Derek Davis; Matt Pitkin; rngeorge; paulaltin; Joseph Areeda; Patrick Godwin; Leo Singer; Alex Southgate; Evan Goetz; Pierre Chanial; Thomas Massinger; aromerorodriguez; Eric Quintero; Katrin Leinweber; Martin Beroiz; The Gitter Badger

Bug fix release


  • [#1542] Update usage of pytest.raises throughout the codebase
  • [#1559] Improve handling/propagation of maya/dateparser errors and refactor gwpy.time tests
  • [#1563] Improve documentation of GWF I/O libraries
  • [#1566] Update import of matplotlib.docstrings
  • [#1567] Update a number of CLI examples to use GWTC-3 data
  • [#1575] Update GWF writing for frameCPP 3.0.0
  • [#1576] Add wrapper around scipy.signal.get_window to handle pre-computed window arrays
  • [#1577] Gracefully skip requests.exceptions.ConnectionError in testing
  • [#1578] Improve NDSWarning message emitted by TimeSeriesDict.fetch
  • [#1579] Replace usage of deprecated matplotlib.ticker.is_close_to_int
  • [#1585] Enhance LaTeX detection
  • [#1586] Fix incompatibilities with matplotlib 3.7.0
  • [#1587] Update qscan example
  • [#1590] Fix incorrect phase for transfer function calculation
  • [#1600] Address floating point errors for index creation
  • [#1602] Replace deprecated interp2d with RectBivariateSpline

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