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JuliaReach/LazySets.jl: v2.7.0

Christian Schilling; Marcelo Forets; Luca Ferranti; Sebastián Guadalupe; kpotomkin; Mauricio Vanzulli; ueliwechsler; Bruno Garate; tomerarnon; Daniel Freire Caporale; Ryan Birmingham; nikos-kekatos; Frederik Baymler Mathiesen; Lasse Peters; Aadesh Deshmukh; David Reguera; Gustavo Goretkin; Julia TagBot; Morten Piibeleht; Peng Yu; viryfrederic

LazySets v2.7.0

Diff since v2.6.0

Closed issues:

  • Generalize methods to AbstractPolyhedron (#1078)
  • Conversion from simple HRep to list of constraints (#1610)
  • Remove N<:Real annotation (#2219)
  • vertices_list of an empty HParallelotope is non-empty (#2786)
  • Random parallelotope generation often returns an empty set (#3203)
  • Documentation Update section causes error (#3242)

Merged pull requests:

  • #2786 - Add consistency check to HParallelotope constructor and use cheap isempty method (#3219) (@schillic)
  • #3203 - Make rand of HParallelotope return a nonempty set (#3221) (@schillic)
  • #1078 - Generalize isempty from HPolyhedron to (polyhedral) LazySet (#3235) (@schillic)
  • #2219 - Remove remaining N<:Real annotations (#3236) (@schillic)
  • Update manual (getting started) (#3243) (@schillic)
  • Move some code to interface files (#3244) (@schillic)
  • Remove dependency on JuMP.MOI (#3245) (@schillic)
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