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Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea -- printable format

Gosline, George; Bidault, Ehoarn; Burgt, Xander van der; Cahen, Daniel; Challen, Gill; Condé, Nagnouma; Couch, Charlotte; Couvreur, Thomas L.P .; Dagallier, Léo-Paul M.J.; Dawson, Sally; Doré, Tokpa Seny; Goyder, David; Grall, Aurélie; Haba, Pépé; Haba, Pierre; Harris, David; Hind, D.J. Nicholas; Jongkind, Carel; Konomou, Gbamom; Larridon, Isabel; Lewis, Gwilym; Ley, Alexandra; Lock, Michael; Lucas, Eve; Magassouba, Sékou; Mayo, Simon; Molmou, Denise; Monro, Alexandre; Onana, Jean Michel; Paiva, Jorge; Paton, Alan; Phillips, Sylvia; Prance, Ghillian; Quintanar, Alejandro; Rokni, Saba; Shah, Toral; Schrire, Brian; Schuiteman, André; Simões, Ana Rita Giraldes; Sosef, Marc; Stévart, Tariq; Stone, R. Doug; Utteridge, Tim; Wilkin, Paul; Xanthos, Martin; Nic Lughadha, Eimear; Cheek, Martin

The Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea (CVPRG) is a specimen-based, expert-validated knowledge product, which provides a concise synthesis and overview of current knowledge on 3898 vascular plant species documented from Guinea (Conakry), West Africa, including their accepted names and synonyms, as well as their distribution and status within Guinea (indigenous or introduced, endemic or not). The CVPRG is generated automatically from the Guinea Collections Database and the Guinea Names Backbone Database, both developed and maintained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in collaboration with the staff of the National Herbarium of Guinea. A total of 3505 indigenous vascular plant species are reported of which 3328 are flowering plants (angiosperms); this represents a 26% increase in known indigenous angiosperms since the last floristic overview. Intended as a reference for scientists documenting the diversity and distribution of the Guinea flora, the CVPRG will also inform those seeking to safeguard the rich plant diversity of Guinea and the societal, ecological and economic benefits accruing from these biological resources.

This file is a printable version of the GBIF checklist dataset of the same name stored at https://doi.org/10.15468/f5gb45 . It is described in a forthcoming paper "A Taxonomically-verified and Vouchered Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea", Gosline et al., in Scientific Data.
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