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geoschem/geos-chem: GEOS-Chem 14.1.1

Bob Yantosca; Melissa Sulprizio; Lizzie Lundgren; kelvinhb; Christoph Keller; Thibaud Fritz; 22degrees; David Ridley; Haipeng Lin; Liam Bindle; michael-s-long; Sebastian David Eastham; tsherwen; Will Downs; Jenny Fisher; Colin Thackray; Christopher Holmes; GanLuo; Jiawei Zhuang; Lee Murray; SpaceMouse; laestrada; Joshua Shutter; noelleselin; Michael Long; xin-chen-github; emily-ramnarine; gianga; Dr. Jessica Haskins; Jourdan-He

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  <dc:description>Release date: 03 Mar 2023

New integration test functions in test/GCClassic/integration and test/GCHP/integration
New parallelization test functions in test/GCClassic/parallel
Added README.md files for integration and parallelization tests in the test folder structure
Added GCHP integration test for the tagO3 simulation
Added GCHP and GCClassic integration tests for the carbon simulation
Integration and parallelization test folders have been separated into subdirectories to minimize clutter.
GEOS-only updates
Add about to GitHub issue templates (ensures they will be displayed)
Added .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/config.yml file w/ Github issue options


GCClassic integration tests now use a single set of scripts
GCHP integration tests now use a single set of scripts
Integration test run directories are created with the default names assigned by createRunDir.sh
Several bash functions in test/shared/commonFunctionsForTests.sh have been combined so that they will work for both GCClassic and GCHP integration tests
./cleanRunDir.sh functions now take an argument for non-interactive execution (facilitates integration &amp; parallelization tests)
Moved several module variables from GeosCore/ucx_mod.F90 to Headers/state_chm_mod.F90.  This facilitates using GEOS-Chem in CESM.
Time cycle flags EFYO are changed to CYS for all GCClassic integration/parallel tests, and for GCClassic fullchem_benchmarksimulations.
Ask users for the name of their research institution at registration
Ask users for the name of their PI at registration
Do not compile GCHP for tagO3 integration tests; use the default build instead
Moved GC-Classic sample run scripts to operational_examples/harvard_cannon
The GitHub PR template is now named ./github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md


Fixed bug in where writing species metadata yaml file write was always attempted
Prevent a warning from being generated when compiling gckpp_Jacobian.F90
Fixed a bug in routine GET_IJ where X and Y were swapped in an IF comparison.


Removed intTest*_slurm.sh, intTest_*lsf.sh, and intTest*_interactive.sh integration test scripts
Removed State_Met%LWI and input meteorology LWI from carbon simulation run config files
Removed function CLEANUP_UCX; deallocations are now done in state_chm_mod.F90

Full Changelog: https://github.com/geoschem/geos-chem/compare/14.1.0...14.1.1</dc:description>
  <dc:title>geoschem/geos-chem: GEOS-Chem 14.1.1</dc:title>
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