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geoschem/geos-chem: GEOS-Chem 14.1.1

Bob Yantosca; Melissa Sulprizio; Lizzie Lundgren; kelvinhb; Christoph Keller; Thibaud Fritz; 22degrees; David Ridley; Haipeng Lin; Liam Bindle; michael-s-long; Sebastian David Eastham; tsherwen; Will Downs; Jenny Fisher; Colin Thackray; Christopher Holmes; GanLuo; Jiawei Zhuang; Lee Murray; SpaceMouse; laestrada; Joshua Shutter; noelleselin; Michael Long; xin-chen-github; emily-ramnarine; gianga; Dr. Jessica Haskins; Jourdan-He

Release date: 03 Mar 2023

  • New integration test functions in test/GCClassic/integration and test/GCHP/integration
  • New parallelization test functions in test/GCClassic/parallel
  • Added files for integration and parallelization tests in the test folder structure
  • Added GCHP integration test for the tagO3 simulation
  • Added GCHP and GCClassic integration tests for the carbon simulation
  • Integration and parallelization test folders have been separated into subdirectories to minimize clutter.
  • GEOS-only updates
  • Add about to GitHub issue templates (ensures they will be displayed)
  • Added .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/config.yml file w/ Github issue options
  • GCClassic integration tests now use a single set of scripts
  • GCHP integration tests now use a single set of scripts
  • Integration test run directories are created with the default names assigned by
  • Several bash functions in test/shared/ have been combined so that they will work for both GCClassic and GCHP integration tests
  • ./ functions now take an argument for non-interactive execution (facilitates integration & parallelization tests)
  • Moved several module variables from GeosCore/ucx_mod.F90 to Headers/state_chm_mod.F90. This facilitates using GEOS-Chem in CESM.
  • Time cycle flags EFYO are changed to CYS for all GCClassic integration/parallel tests, and for GCClassic fullchem_benchmarksimulations.
  • Ask users for the name of their research institution at registration
  • Ask users for the name of their PI at registration
  • Do not compile GCHP for tagO3 integration tests; use the default build instead
  • Moved GC-Classic sample run scripts to operational_examples/harvard_cannon
  • The GitHub PR template is now named ./github/
  • Fixed bug in where writing species metadata yaml file write was always attempted
  • Prevent a warning from being generated when compiling gckpp_Jacobian.F90
  • Fixed a bug in routine GET_IJ where X and Y were swapped in an IF comparison.
  • Removed intTest*, intTest_*, and intTest* integration test scripts
  • Removed State_Met%LWI and input meteorology LWI from carbon simulation run config files
  • Removed function CLEANUP_UCX; deallocations are now done in state_chm_mod.F90

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