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compas-dev/compas: COMPAS 1.17.5

Tom Van Mele; Gonzalo Casas; Romana Rust; beverlylytle; Li; Chen Kasirer; Anton Tetov; Rafael Pastrana; Rippmann; Juney Lee; mattiskoh; Achilleas Xydis; Mathias Bernhard; robin-oval; Xingxin HE; Victor LEUNG; nizartaha; nmaslarinos; wenqian157; Ania A.; Gene Ting-Chun Kao; Robin Godwyll; deviezeviking; Sam-Bouten; Chaoyu Du; Kathrin Dörfler; robinjodon; lottilotte; Francesco Ranaudo; nikeftekhar

  • Added conversion function frame_to_rhino_plane to compas_rhino.conversions.
  • Added RhinoSurface.from_frame to compas_rhino.geometry.
  • Added representation for trims with compas.geometry.BrepTrim.
  • Added Arc to compas.geometry.
  • Added Arc conversion functions to compas_rhino.conversions.
  • Added from_sphere alternative constructor to RhinoBrep.
  • Added support for singular trims to RhinoBrep.
  • Patched CVE-2007-4559 vulnerability.
  • Updated workflows to v2.
  • Fixed attribute error in compas_rhino.conversions.ellipse_to_compas.
  • Changed deepcopy of RhinoBrep to use the native Rhino.Geometry mechanism.
  • The normal of the cutting plane is no longer flipped in compas_rhino.geometry.RhinoBrep.
  • Planar holes caused by RhinoBrep.trim are now automatically capped.
  • Fixed Polygon constructor to not modify the input list of points.
  • Fixed serialization of sphere and cylinder Breps in RhinoBrep.
  • Fixed serialization of some trimmed shapes in RhinoBrep.
  • Freeze black version to 22.12.0.
  • Fixed is_point_in_circle_xy second argument to access the origin of the plane of the circle.
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