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ropensci/visdat: visdat 0.6.0 (2023/02/01) "Superman, Lazlo Bane"

Nicholas Tierney; cregouby; Maëlle Salmon; Nic Crane; Sean Hughes; Mara Averick; tierneyn; Noam Ross; Anthony Raborn; Carson Sievert; Jeroen Ooms; Jim Hester; Matthias Grenié; Romain François; John Muschelli

visdat 0.6.0 (2023/02/01) "Superman, Lazlo Bane" New Feature
  • vis_value() for visualising all values in a dataset. It rescales values to be between 0 and 1. See #100
  • vis_binary() for visualising datasets with binary values - similar to vis_value(), but just for binary data (0, 1, NA). See #125. Thank you to Trish Gilholm for her suggested use case for this.
  • Implemented facetting in vis_dat() and vis_cor(), and vis_miss() see (#78). The next release will implement facetting for vis_value(), vis_binary(), vis_compare(), vis_expect(), and vis_guess().
  • Implemented data methods for plots with data_vis_dat(), data_vis_cor(), and data_vis_miss() see (#78).
  • vis_dat() vis_miss() and vis_guess() now render missing values in list-columns (@cregouby #138)
  • Added abbreviate_vars() function to assist with abbreviating data names (#140)
  • Percentage missing in columns for vis_miss() is now rounding to integers - for more accurate representation of missingness summaries please use the naniar R package.
  • A new vignette on customising colour palettes in visdat, "Customising colour palettes in visdat".
Bug Fix
  • no longer use old version of gather_ (#141)
  • resolve bug where vis_value() displayed constant values as NA values (#128) - these constant values are now shown as 1.
  • removed use of the now deprecated "aes_string" from ggplot2
  • output of plot in vis_expect would reorder columns (#133), fixed in #143 by @muschellij2.
  • No longer uses gdtools for testing (#145)
  • Use cli internally for error messages.
  • Speed up some internal functions in visdat
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