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The TRAPSENSOR facility: an open-ring 7 tesla Penning trap for laser-based precision experiments

Gutiérrez, Manuel J.; Berrocal, Joaquín; Cornejo, Juan M.; Domínguez, Francisco; Del Pozo, Jesús J.; Arrazola, Iñigo; Bañuelos, Javier; Escobedo, Pablo; Kaleja, Oliver; Lamata, Lucas; Rica, Raúl A.; Schmidt, Stefan; Block, Michael; Solano, Enrique; Rodríguez, Daniel

A Penning-trap facility for high-precision mass spectrometry based on a novel detection method has been built. This method consists in measuring motional frequencies of singly-charged ions trapped in strong magnetic fields through the fluorescence photons from laser-cooled 40Ca+ ions, to overcome limitations faced in electronic single-ion detection techniques. The key element of this facility is an open-ring Penning trap coupled upstream to a preparation Penning trap similar to those used at Radioactive Ion Beam facilities. Here we present a full characterization of the trap and demonstrate motional frequency measurements of trapped ions stored by applying external radiofrequency fields in resonance with the ions' eigenmotions, in combination with time-of-flight identification. The infrastructure developed to observe the fluorescence photons from 40Ca+, comprising the 12 laser beams and the optical system to register the image in a high-sensitive CCD sensor, has been proved by taking images of the trapped and cooled 40Ca+ ions. This demonstrates the functionality of the proposed laser-based mass-spectrometry technique, providing a unique platform for precision experiments with implications in different fields of physics.
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