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Perceived Intra Professional Conflicts, Sources and Coping Strategies among Registered Nurses in Tertiary Health Facilities in Southeast, Nigeria

Okedo, Henrietta. A. RN, BSC, MScN, PhD Nursing Leadership (FWAPCNM),; Ndu. Afam. C. BSc Nursing, PGDE, MSc, PhD Educational Management (FWAPCNM),; Nwankwo. Philomena N. RN, RM, RME, BNSc. (FWAPCNM)

Nurses occupy a central position in the healthcare system thus conflict within the profession may affect client/patient care. The purpose of this study was to investigate intra-professional conflict among nurses, sources and coping strategies in selected tertiary health facilities in south east zone of Nigeria. The research design employed in the study was a cross sectional survey, sample size of 977 nurses who were randomly selected participated in the study. The data were derived from the administration of copies of questionnaire. The instrument was validated by the researcher’s supervisor and two other experts from nursing and health management departments of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. A Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient of 0.86 is indicative of the reliability of the instrument. Data collected were analysed using SPSS version 20. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analysis. Findings revealed lack of clarity of task (0.001), unclear job description for new nurses (0.000) and who to delegate job (0.001) as types of intra professional conflicts among nurses. Out of the nineteen sources of intra professional conflict examined in the study, only three, petty jealousy (0.89), nursing goal to be achieved (0.73) and personal animosity against the nurse manager (0.15) were not significant. Also, only eleven out of twenty-five coping strategies yielded significant outcome. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended among other things that an improved welfare package be given to nurses to reduce unnecessary and avoidable conflicts.


KEYWORDS: Perceived, Intra Professional Conflicts, Sources, and Coping Strategies,

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