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2013 Open Data Barometer

Davies, Timothy; Farhan, Hania; Alonso, Jose

The Open Data Barometer aims to uncover the true prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world. It analyses global trends, and also ranks countries and regions via an in-depth methodology that considers: readiness to secure the benefits of open data; actual levels of implementation; and the impact of such initiatives.

This is the pilot edition of the Open Data Barometer, and contains data from a global expert survey, along with secondary data.

Full details are provided in the Open Data Barometer 2013 Global Report

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ODB-2013-Calculations.xlsx md5:ee18fd9383848eb739dca66cf3a55c8d 286.4 kB Download
ODB-2013-Datasets-Scored.csv md5:8004a580678426c0b689aaf2172dc1a4 66.7 kB Download
ODB-2013-Ranking-CoreColumns.csv md5:365471e414e95e55993bb8e8dfe84ad7 3.1 kB Download
ODB-2013-Rankings.csv md5:d5fbbe39ff29995b5748070577f8b8b7 19.7 kB Download
ODB-2013-ScoresMatrix.csv md5:6d8705151e53e8a8e7859eff68e2a333 7.0 kB Download
ODB-2013-Structure.csv md5:1416017083ab456d95c09852c768b4d9 22.2 kB Download


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